Memorial Butterfly Ring

Those we love don't go away, they fly with us every day. They reside in our thoughts, within memories, and in our hearts. They are with us, much like constant companions, soaring alongside us.

Forever Love Circle Necklace

Wear this necklace as a little reminder that we are forever linked together and always will be!


3 Reviews
Angela S.

dear daughter you were born to shine and mother daughter. My camera isn’t all that great so you can’t really see their true sparkle. thank you so much for everything.

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Kathy B.

I gave these as a gift to three lovely ladies that all shared the loss of a young man in their lives. It was well received. Thank you !

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I love this design, the craftsmanship is very delicate, and it looks especially beautiful when worn. It's really excellent.

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  • Why We Choose 37

    At 37℃ (98.6F), our body has the best immunity. In our life journey, we will go through many kinds of chapters, happy, sad, challenging, etc. We hope our brand 37 can bring the best emotional immunity to everyone.

  • Women-Built Brand

    Since 2019, we have helped lots of people go through tough times with positive, wearable reminders. We're dedicated to having a positive impact on everyone - I hope you will join us.

  • How We Inspire

    Our products are composed of topics like FRIENDSHIP, LOVE and ADVENTURE, to inspire an authentic connection between us and help us realize we are not alone in our journey.



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