Crown Series

Crown Series

Whenever you feel overwhelmed... always remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown

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Straighten Your Crown

A crown-shaped piece of jewelry is a representation of INHERITED POWER AND STRENGTH. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, always remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown.

Top Customer Reviews

Cathy L.

''bought a crown necklace of this company for my daughter for Christmas.. it arrived today and is absolutely stunning.. so much so I couldn’t wait and she has it on her already.. thank you so much''

Catina B

''I ordered a silver and the rose gold before Christmas I did receive them I took a while but I did receive them after Christmas''


''Got it from my mom, I love it.''


''i just got my order in the mail. so nice my daughter is going to love it Like''


''Gave our dughter her necklace today as we could not wait.''

Kellie Kinney

''I bought my own to go along with my crown ring and earrings...I put it on a white gold chain, and it's gorgeous!! I get lots of compliments...''


''Got this ring for my daughter, this is so much more stunning in person. My daughter absolutely loves it and cried when I gave it to her. This ring has so much meaning for us. Thank you for making this amazing ring, its the best gift ever''